Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Peacock Painting That Make You Want More

One of the best known ways for people to be able to express themselves is through the use of art. For the longest time, people have been utilizing different forms of art to show how they feel both in the inside and outside. From music to painting to baking, people are always on the constant search for methods of how to not just only show who they really are but how to bring back the fun and joy of life. To this date, one of the most popular and in-demand forms of art is the art of Painting.

More and more people are engaging in the art of both Painting and getting a Painting due to a myriad of reasons. Some might have the simplest one such saying "it's pretty" while other may have more extreme and personal reasons for getting a Painting like "this symbolizes me". No matter what the reason behind the Painting is, an increasing number of individuals certainly enjoy it as both a form of art and a hobby as well... Based on one of the surveys and online forums, one of the increasingly in style designs for Painting are the peacock Painting. Now what about these Painting with peacocks are so interesting that more and more people are getting it? The answer is reasonably simple; the peacock represents a whole lot of meanings!

The first thing that one should know about Painting is that it involves pain. By using very sharp needles, the Painting artist pricks the skin of the client with multiply jabs. By doing so, the indelible ink (which is permanent) enters the human skin. The outermost skin or the epidermis is not the final destination of the Painting ink; it is in the dermis or the inner layer of the skin and once the indelible ink reaches the dermis of the person, the pigment of the skin changes gradually. If this idea scares you, then it is best that we stick to the noon-permanent and no needle method of Painting.

Peacock Painting can be acquired and done either through the traditional and painful method such as skin piercing or through the no pain use of an ink called "henna" and a pencil. A henna Paint, unlike the traditional Painting, is not permanent. It can last for about two weeks or so depending on the frequency of washing and the daily wear and tear of the skin. But whichever Painting form you go for, having a peacock Painting on your skin is rather empowering most especially for women. The peacock being a bird with beautiful feathers and plumage is slowly climbing into popularity as girls who choose this kind of design for a Painting say that it gives them a certain boost of confidence knowing that a symbol of beauty and fertility are literally with them or rather, in them.

Female Painting artists certainly agree to the idea of peacocks, despite being quite a handful design to do is definitely empowering. The artists said that they can somehow understand the link or connection between their female clients through the peacock designs they do.

They also stated that once you get one peacock inspired Painting, you will surely come back and want more.

Body Painting and Makeup

A special kind of body art is the body painting and makeup. This is the easiest and most common kind of body art. There are thousands of events where body is painted. Whether you are cheering for your team or just watching a live parade body painting makes you look perfect. People prefer painting their body and makeup for many reasons which include portraying their thoughts and feeling or just expressing their creativity. The process of body painting and makeup requires skills which take years to master. Many people paint their bodies just for fun. Clown put on makeup and painting to make themselves unique and funny. Similarly other people prefer body painting to make them look special and exceptional.

Painting the body and makeup requires special kinds of cosmetics and paint. These are easily available online on many websites. Be sure to use the right product which is approved by the FDA. For getting your body painted the first step is to imagine the painting that you want on your body. It is a better idea to draw the painting so that it is easier for the professional painter to easily paint your body. Although most people prefer painting on their face and chest but there are some who want their body to be completely painted. The next step is to get the right products and cosmetics for the body painting and makeup. In case if you are going to professional body painter, than the previous step is not required. Clean your body before getting it painted as it will help remove the dust and create a uniform film of paint on your body. Now be patient while the professional paints your body. After the process is complete than the part of drying the paint comes. The paint can be dried by a dryer or by standing under a fan. Once the drying process is complete so is the process of body painting.

There are some events in which people are naked and their bodies are painted and they have makeup on their face. One such event is Fremont Solstice Parade. In this event cyclist are naked with their whole bodies covered in paint. Although this event may seem bizarre but people really enjoy this exciting event. Body painting and makeup is a way of expressing thoughts and feeling. It makes people unique from others. Many people paint their bodies during protests to help other people and the government understands their true meaning. Body painting is truly exquisite.

Hand Painted Silks Add Artistic Touches to the Home

Art may truly be in the eye of the beholder. What some experts deem "art" leaves those less educated in art history scratching their heads. But one thing is certain: art has become an integral part of interior decorating for the home. From throw pillows featuring exotic fabrications and finely crafted baskets to hand painted silks and children's hand-painted furniture, art in the home is here to stay.

Hand painted silks are especially appealing, and can add elegance and sophistication to interiors. Silk paintings for wall displays use high quality dyes on luxurious silk that look gorgeous in frames. Hand painted silks can also be used for screens, giving an exotic and highly appealing theme to a boudoir. Similarly, abstract silk scarves draped over chair backs or nightstands add a subtle beauty to a dressing area. Decorative hand painted silk pillowcases can also provide a colorful contrast to solid color bedding and walls.

Hand painted silks and dyed silks have a rich and ancient tradition. Experts speculate that silk was first developed between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago in China, and was used as an elegant fabric for garments and, eventually, as an important component of the country's trade. Indeed, the 5,000-mile "Silk Road" connected China to Persia, India, Egypt (where mummies were sometimes wrapped in silk), and Rome.

In India, Kanchi silk was and is woven and hand-dyed, and treasured for its superior craftsmanship and vibrant colors. Silk played an important role in the Roman Empire, and used to clothe emperors and as diplomatic gifts.

Most people are familiar with batik, a silk painting method that dates back more than 1,800 years. Batik is termed a "resist" technique because wax is applied to the fabric to make it "resist" penetration by the dye. Often, a fabric is waxed and dyed many consecutive times in order to incorporate many colors into the fabric.

Another "resist" method utilizes "gutta," a derivative of the Indonesian Palaquim tree that is a natural latex. Gutta is most often used with the French Serti silk painting method. The consistency of gutta is similar to that of rubber cement, and is not as easily removed as wax or water-based gutta.

Today, artists use a variety of silk dyes and paints to achieve breathtakingly beautiful contemporary art. Those that produce the most vivid colors are dyes that require steaming in order to bond with the fabric. Paints used for hand painted silk are often the consistency of watercolors, and are set by using an iron.

When decorating your home, keep in mind that not all hand painted silks incorporate Asian themes. Contemporary images and colors abound, and you're sure to find silk scarves, silk framed art, silk pillowcases, and silk panels that complement your decorating scheme.